Exit Strategy

This post started at the let it be post. But, as I typed this I started to realize that I can not publish it until I have made the first step to tell my boss at work. If this goes out to Facebook, Twitter and other sites the rumors in the hall will get started and then the word is out and I need to be in control of the message first before others get a hold of it. With that said, my thoughts are starting to form an exit strategy. This is a work in progress and will take a few days (or months as it turns out) to actually formulate a solid plan. Today (the day this blog started), I decided it was important for me to take a mental health day from my regular work life and focus on the work life I am planning and getting ready for. I am planning to leave my day job and take a risk by working for myself. With an educational background in advertising and marketing, a business background in real estate and passion for writing, health and mindfulness, I have decided I am going to try and start a business or (more specifically) a career centered around all these areas. At this point, I have a lot of thoughts and I need to clarify how this is going to bring in an income. The goal that I have been brewing in my mind is that I will start a consulting business that will focus on social media and marketing. Ideally, I will hope to keep my current company as my first client. I will also be keeping my real estate license so that I can help people looking for new homes or help people looking to sell their current homes. Additionally, keeping my license will enable me to stay current on the industry and one day hopefully invest in my own real estate as another form of income. In addition to my current company, I hope to find other clients in fields that I am passionate about, companies focused on the same things I am focused on, places like yoga studios, running shops and organizations, nutritionists, and other independent consultants that are focused on their business but might not have time for the marketing side. I will also be trying my hand at freelance writing. From my experience in Public Relations, I know that this will be a hard mountain to climb. But I think by working for myself I will be able to focus my time to keep pushing at it and at some point someone will accept my work! My next step for today is to start building the consulting website and develop a real plan and strategy on how I am going to be successful. For now I am putting this post on hold. The next addition will hopefully be announcing the site and publishing to the public and coming out at work too. So, Until Next Time, I will pick up from here to see how that all went ūüôā As I finish this post, I decided it was going to go on my journal blog. As I see it I now have 3 blogs-¬† the Journal Blog (Without One Thing), the Personal Blog (Until Next Time) and the business Blog (Gorohoff Consulting/Attento Marketing). This blog WOT – is really just a spot for my random thoughts, not really the sample of my writing or things I really want to share with the public, but things I want to remember. UNT is the personal spot I am happy to share with the public and AM is where I will sell my business and provide services.

As this blog comes to an end, there will be a new post for UNT with an intro to my new business, but for now, I want to finalize the details here, saying that with much stress and anxiety I did tell my boss and it all worked out. Now the challenge by June 1st is to make it work, seamlessly, figure out how to bill and schedule my time. And design and build the business. That is where the next post will start.


This will be a test to see how I do on an iPad. This blog was started as a place for my thoughts personal not really ready to go public and still some things not full exposure. I want to continue to use this blog as the entry and wrap up of the public blog, this one was the full deal the public is a bit censored. More rambling thoughts the other can be used for an eventual business. First let’s discuss the end goal: get an article published, written by me. so what will I write about to get published, first few ideas:
1: runners world, follow up to al roker’s marathon story, running the Seattle half with friends with no care for time (target the % of readers that run purely for pleasure).


2: Sorry no Christmas cards this year. My new years resolution was to consume less. True story. I wrote it down. So, it seems reasonable that with that as a resolution even if I didn’t follow true all year I should try to finish strong at the end of the year. I decided that an electronic message would help in my efforts to consume less and could be a bit more personal this year.

3: technology and real estate oh how it’s changed. This is the story I need to pitch for work.

So that’s an little preview to my next blog. Still working on a title, right now I have mom on the run, not sure that’s my fav. Untilnexttime. (I like the sound of that!)

Just Breathe

I am trying to move through this holiday season with grace and ease. I am trying to make things easier on myself so I don’t get totally overwhelmed. I am trying to take deep breaths when things start getting too much or find myself getting out of control. I know that for the kids its all about the stuff – but for me sometime the stuff starts to take over and clutter my whole being. I will tackle my clutter issues in small steps and maybe during the holidays is not the best time to start these projects, although, I feel it is important to do since so many things come into the house some things need to go. But I am going to remember not to beat myself up about the little things and the things that are out of my control. I am also going to try and put a lot of the “Shoulds” to the side and just enjoy the moment, be present in what I am doing and just breathe.

On this Eve of Thanksgiving, I feel it is important to remember why we celebrate this holiday. Historically, Thanksgiving began as a tradition of celebrating the harvest of the year. For today’s post I thought it would be nice to do the Top Ten reasons we can be Thankful (David Letterman Style).

  1. Family, Friends and Good People around me
  2. Health & Happiness
  3. A roof over my head
  4. Employment
  5. Food on the table
  6. Freedom
  7. Clothes to wear
  8. Money in the bank
  9. The Internet – who can deny it – its tons of fun and we are happy to have it
  10. Every Day!

I think this will wrap up my “What Am I Thankful For” blogpost¬†theme ¬†for the season. It has been a good lesson to remember what is important and be thankful each and every day. Tomorrow I will be running in the local¬†Turkey Trot in Ballard¬†with my sister and our kids. Most likely it will be raining. Then I will be cooking sweet potatoes and eating a wonderful meal with family. So I may not have time to post another update, so for now I wish everyone a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving Holiday!

Over the weekend I failed to post because our Internet was down and I was too busy enjoying my time with my family. So here is the recap:

Saturday – I am thankful for my mom, who like old school days took me shopping for my birthday. We had lots of fun at Nordstrom – the nice sales lady helped us find cute outfits and I felt so happy to spark some new looks for the upcoming holidays. The shopping spree was followed by an awesome dinner with the whole family at my parents house. Since we¬†won’t be together for Thanksgiving we had a pre-Thanksgiving dinner and it was delightful and delicious.

Sunday was a beautiful crisp day that started out with an 8 mile run with my awesome running group that I am very Thankful to be part of. Every week anywhere from 2 Р12 ladies can be found running the trails in Discovery Park. This week a few of us added an extra 3 miles on top of our 5 mile loop. Although it was cold and frosty, we still had a great time and a super run. After that my husband got a nice run and bike ride in and then we all started out on our Sunday adventures. One year old birthday party, another party for my niece and then off to North Bend for the All.I.Can movie Рwhere my 8-year-old got to meet one of the stars Lynsey Dyer Рprofessional skier and artist.

Today, although it was tough to motivate to come to work, we did get to sleep in because our alarm clock (aka our youngest daughter) was at a sleepover. And I got to wear my new puffy coat that¬†I WON at the movie event last night. I am Thankful it is a short week and although I am grateful for all the Thanks in my life, I will be happy when my posts can be a little more creative ūüôā


Thankful to have my upcoming goal: to do a 1/2 marathon without focusing on or being concerned about my time. Although the last few races I have run the focus has been on time and finishing ahead of my last race, I decided I need to change the race for myself. I really enjoy running, I am sad that I don’t do it more often (especially this week) and I would like to change the tune in my head to enjoyment rather than beating the last number.¬† I am going to try and focus only on enjoyment this next race and remember to be thankful my body can do it and feel good because this race can be about spending time with friends and family and enjoying the scenery.¬† So there it is – My next race goal for my upcoming 1/2 marathon: I will put the time aside and just enjoy the time.

I am THANKFUL FOR: BABYSITTERS Рtonight my husband is taking me out on a date! Although it is nothing I would plan or really ever chosen on my own, we are going to: http://w00tstock.net/ 

Sounds a little crazy and out there, but on the flip side the dinner is from Wild Ginger (super yummy) and the bar and atmosphere look pretty cool. So although I would not have thought of it myself, I am happy to have a night out with my husband and geek out about something he is excited about. We are thankful our babysitter can make it on a school night and that our girls really do love her, so we don’t get the kids clinging to our legs as we head out the door.