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Exit Strategy

This post started at the let it be post. But, as I typed this I started to realize that I can not publish it until I have made the first step to tell my boss at work. If this goes out to Facebook, Twitter and other sites the rumors in the hall will get started and then the word is out and I need to be in control of the message first before others get a hold of it. With that said, my thoughts are starting to form an exit strategy. This is a work in progress and will take a few days (or months as it turns out) to actually formulate a solid plan. Today (the day this blog started), I decided it was important for me to take a mental health day from my regular work life and focus on the work life I am planning and getting ready for. I am planning to leave my day job and take a risk by working for myself. With an educational background in advertising and marketing, a business background in real estate and passion for writing, health and mindfulness, I have decided I am going to try and start a business or (more specifically) a career centered around all these areas. At this point, I have a lot of thoughts and I need to clarify how this is going to bring in an income. The goal that I have been brewing in my mind is that I will start a consulting business that will focus on social media and marketing. Ideally, I will hope to keep my current company as my first client. I will also be keeping my real estate license so that I can help people looking for new homes or help people looking to sell their current homes. Additionally, keeping my license will enable me to stay current on the industry and one day hopefully invest in my own real estate as another form of income. In addition to my current company, I hope to find other clients in fields that I am passionate about, companies focused on the same things I am focused on, places like yoga studios, running shops and organizations, nutritionists, and other independent consultants that are focused on their business but might not have time for the marketing side. I will also be trying my hand at freelance writing. From my experience in Public Relations, I know that this will be a hard mountain to climb. But I think by working for myself I will be able to focus my time to keep pushing at it and at some point someone will accept my work! My next step for today is to start building the consulting website and develop a real plan and strategy on how I am going to be successful. For now I am putting this post on hold. The next addition will hopefully be announcing the site and publishing to the public and coming out at work too. So, Until Next Time, I will pick up from here to see how that all went 🙂 As I finish this post, I decided it was going to go on my journal blog. As I see it I now have 3 blogs-  the Journal Blog (Without One Thing), the Personal Blog (Until Next Time) and the business Blog (Gorohoff Consulting/Attento Marketing). This blog WOT – is really just a spot for my random thoughts, not really the sample of my writing or things I really want to share with the public, but things I want to remember. UNT is the personal spot I am happy to share with the public and AM is where I will sell my business and provide services.

As this blog comes to an end, there will be a new post for UNT with an intro to my new business, but for now, I want to finalize the details here, saying that with much stress and anxiety I did tell my boss and it all worked out. Now the challenge by June 1st is to make it work, seamlessly, figure out how to bill and schedule my time. And design and build the business. That is where the next post will start.


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